Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Easy & Healthy Healthy Weeknight Dinners

Check out following healthy and easy Weeknight Meal and Dinner food to create a healthy meal plan for your family this week. 

1. Trout with Escarole, Orange, and Olives

2. Rosemary Swordfish Skewers with Sweet Pepper Salad

3. Spring Pasta

4. Spring Vegetable Potstickers

5. Skillet Shrimp with Orzo, Asparagus, and Feta

6. Seared Pork with Roasted Grapes

7. Grilled Pork Cutlets with Watermelon-Cucumber Salad

8. Chicken with Chanterelles and Pearl Onions

9. Asian Lettuce Wraps for Almost Meatless Potluck

10. Spicy Thai Coconut Quinoa

Source - buzzfeed

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