Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Best Cardio Workouts After Back Injury

Experiencing a back injury can rob you of mobility and cause pain that makes even the most basic movements difficult. Once you have rehabilitated from your injury, your physician may recommend exercising to maintain or achieve a healthy weight, relieve stress and maintain mobility. Varying your cardiovascular exercises can help you to avoid strain and over-use, which could potentially re-injure the back


Always get your physician’s approval before beginning any exercise program. After a back injury and recovery, your physician can make recommendations for appropriate exercises for your condition

Recumbent Bicycle

A recumbent bicycle places less strain on the back than a traditional upright or stationery bicycle. Adjust the seat to where your feet can pedal comfortably as you use the bicycle. As you improve in function


Walking is a low-impact exercise that can be performed almost anywhere and is ideal for back patients recovering from injury. Be sure to warm up your muscles for 5 minutes by walking more slowly than usual and stretching your back, arms and legs.

Yoga and Tai Chi

Use yoga and and tai chi as a complimentary practice to your cardio workouts. Although some of the more strenuous styles of yoga like Ashtanga may be out of your reach while you're healing from your back injury; the slow measured movements of both yoga and tai chi will strengthen your core muscles that support your back.

Source: livestrong

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