Friday, 19 September 2014

6 Tips You Need To Know Before You Go Kickboxing

Whether you’re looking to increase strength, confidence, coordination, or you’re just after a kickass cardio workout, kickboxing will keep you coming back for more. Kickboxing” is something of a catchall term. Get ready for Kickboxing with these tips - 

1. Set a personal goal. 
Determining your own goals, abilities, and aptitudes is an important first step before any undertaking, but it’s especially important before beginning a new exercise regime.

2. Find the right class — and instructor.
Once you know what sort of class you want, speak to a few different teachers, read some Yelp reviews, and maybe even observe a class before signing up. Krazy Kardio is one of popular Fitness Studio that offer Cardio Kickboxing Workouts at low price.

3. Be honest about what you can handle.
If you’re concerned about your level of fitness, it’s always wise to consult your doctor before beginning a new sport, particularly if you suffer from chronic conditions like asthma, diabetes, or obesity. Kickboxing can be more intense than a normal exercise program, and classes may challenge your body in ways it’s not yet used to.

4. Get geared up.
When selecting a gym, it’s also smart to find out if it’s necessary to purchase any kickboxing gear. In any event, clothing should be neither too loose nor restrictive (most active gear should be fine — just leave the baggy sweatshirts at home), and a water bottle and towel will likely come in handy.

5. Fuel properly.
To fuel up before an evening class, Carbohydrates are a great source of energy, and fueling up before a workout (ingesting up to one gram per pound of bodyweight) will keep oxygen in the blood and maintain energy levels

6. Start on a peaceful note.
There’s a reason martial artists are stereotyped as spending a lot of time sitting cross-legged in monasteries. Meditation Mindfulness and martial arts are best. Give it a try before arriving at the gym.

Source - Greatist

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